We just released v0.1, the first proper release, of the journal al-Muqtabas. As per our release schedule this release includes the following:

  • TEI files of all twelve issues of the sixth volume of al-Muqtabas with tructural mark-up of mastheads, sections, articles, and with page breaks linked to the facsimiles;
  • MODS and BibTeX files for all issues, sections, and articles;
  • Copies of TEI schema files from OpenAraPE_ODD;
  • A local installation of the TEI Boilerplate for Arabic editions;
  • all XSLT stylesheets necessary for various transformations from sources (shamela) and to other formats (md), for generating bibliographic metadata (MODS, BibTeX), for improving mark-up, linking page breaks to facsimiles, etc.

Thanks to the efforts of CERN’s Zenodo platform we even got a DOI! DOI