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Users will, of course, want to search the edition for specific terms and will immediately recognise the lack of a dedicated search field in the webview. But behold, individual issues can be searched through the built-in search function of your browser. Just hit ctrl+f (windows) or cmd+f (macintosh) to search individual periodical issues for literal strings. To search across an entire periodical or the whole corpus, there are three instantly available options: [Read More]

Annual report: OpenArabicPE in 2019

The work on digital scholarly editions (DSE) of late Ottoman Arabic periodicals continued within the framework of OpenArabicPE (see annual report 2017). I added a number of periodicals to the existing editions of Muḥammad Kurd ʿAlī’s al-Muqtabas (Damascus and Cairo, 1906–18) and ʿAbd al-Qādir al-Iskandarānī’s al-Ḥaqāʾiq (Damascus, 1910–12) following the principles and workflows established over the last years. These are: Anastās Mārī al-Karmalī’s monthly journal Lughat al-ʿArab (Baghdad, 1911–14), Anṭūn al-Jumayyil’s monthly journal al-Zuhūr (Cairo, 1910–1913) and Abd Allāh Nadīm al-Idrīsī’s weekly journal al-Ustādh (Cairo, 1892–1893). The ability to quickly add and release a number of periodicals with full text... [Read More]

Annual report: OpenArabicPE in 2018

The work on the digital editions of Muḥammad Kurd ʿAlī’s journal al-Muqtabas (Damascus and Cairo, 1906–18) and ʿAbd al-Qādir al-Iskandarānī’s journal al-Ḥaqāʾiq (Damascus, 1910–12) continued within the framework of OpenArabicPE. Contributions from our interns Manzi Tanna-Händel, Xaver Kretzschmar, Klara Mayer, Tobias Sick and Hans Magne Jaatun allowed us to release a further four volumes. Readers can find a project description in the last annual report and I will focus here on the first foray into the analysis of our corpus. One of the driving research questions behind OpenArabicPE focusses on reconstructing the ideosphere of the late Ottoman and early Arabic... [Read More]