Users will, of course, want to search the edition for specific terms and will immediately recognise the lack of a dedicated search field in the webview. But behold, individual issues can be searched through the built-in search function of your browser. Just hit ctrl+f (windows) or cmd+f (macintosh) to search individual periodical issues for literal strings. To search across an entire periodical or the whole corpus, there are three instantly available options:

  1. Search the GitHub repository of the periodical you are interested in, such as al-Muqtabas. This allows for browsing and searching and displays search results in context.

    Search the GitHub repository

  2. Google’s web search provides a site: operator that can be extensively manipulated:

    Search Google with the `site:` operator

  3. a public Zotero group comprising bibliographic metadata for all articles and sections, including author names, titles, publication dates, volume and issue numbers etc., including links to the webview.

    Search for *siḥāfa* in the Zoteor group