Presentation of Digital Muqtabas at conference ‘Books in Motion’ in Beirut

I was invited to present Digital Muqtabas at the conference “Books in Motion: Exploring concepts of mobility in cross-cultural studies of the book” organised by Sonja Mejcher-Atassi, Hala Auji and James Hodapp (all AUB) that took place at AUB and OIB between 5-7 May 2016. The beautiful conference poster-cum-programme is available as PDF. [Read More]

How to contribute

Go to GitHub and register a free account. GitHub has fantastic tutorials that you might want to study if you are not yet familiar with the service. Fork the repository of the edition you are interested in. Edit the XML of the edition. This can be done either directly on GitHub, with any text editor on your local machine, or an online XML editor such as oXygen web that can hook into your GitHub account Send us a pull request We will review and merge your changes. [Read More]’s failure as a source for digitsed imagery of Arabic journals

Recently, a colleague pointed me to yet another gray online library of Arabic material—one that was entirely dedicated to cultural and litrary journals. Arshīf al-majallāt al-adabiyya wa-l-thaqafiyya al-ʿarabiyya ( presents a large number of Arabic journals over very long publication periods, providing: [Read More]

Presentation at DiXiT Convention 2 in Cologne

I was invited to present Digital Muqtabas at DiXiT’s second convention on “Academia, Cultural Heritage, Society” that took place in Cologne between 14–18 March. The paper, titled: “The journal al-Muqtabas between, HathiTrust, and GitHub: producing open, collaborative, and fully-referencable digital editions of early Arabic periodicals—with almost no funds”, was part of a panel on “Social Editing & Funding”, which I was lucky to share with Ray Siemens, who skyped in from Victoria, and Misha Misha Broughton. [Read More]

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You can write regular markdown here and Jekyll will automatically convert it to a nice webpage. I strongly encourage you to take 5 minutes to learn how to write in markdown - it’ll teach you how to transform regular text into bold/italics/headings/tables/etc. [Read More]
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